It’s not about technology……

Waking up without a hangover on a Sunday is becoming a pleasant feeling this year, and a more familiar one by the week!!

This morning, while Amy was sleeping off a 2am finish to her night out, I decided to test out a new piece of kit that Nokia had sent me – the DC14 bicycle charger, combined with a new C7-00 and SportsTracker app (available from and the Ovi Store).

Now 10km in over 30 minutes is nothing to be proud of, however the fact I can now safely use my handset to track my progress, listen to music and even answer calls while on the move is definite encouragement to continue my new found lust for fitness.

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As we all know, using the Music Player, 3G access and A-GPS to track my progress can seriously dent battery life of any smartphone, so the ability to use the power of my legs and bike to keep my C7-00 charged for the duration of my trip is very welcome. The DC14 uses a dynamo fixed to the front forks of your bike to send a charge via a small pin charger to your device. Now if you don’t have a Nokia phone, and want to use your Blackberry, HTC, Samsung or pretty much anything else except iPhone, then use a Nokia CA146C to turn the pin to a micro USB charger.

Now all I need to do is work on my stamina, and get people to clean up after their dogs on the Strawberry Line!!

All very well having tech, gadgets and apps – but it’s how you use them that makes them enrich your life.

For more info, visit the following:

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