The Bravest Of People

What on Earth are we moaning about. 1p on or off a litre of petrol? 4p on a pint of lager? Really………

I’ve just been reading the latest installment of a blog by the husband of someone who used to be very dear to me. I’ve only met him once but really feel for him. This man risked his life for his country, and has been rewarded with a terminal illness yet still appears (through his online prose) to keep his spirits higher than most in the worst of adversity. His wife and I do not speak any more, but I cannot bear the thought of anyone at all going through such torment, let alone someone who used to mean a lot to me. His blog is a strangely fascinating read and gives a brutal and very real insight into somebody literally fighting for their life.

I’m also now on my way for a meal with my father-in-law in a care home. My host for this evening cannot speak much at all any more, can barely feed himself and needs assistance in the most basic of tasks, yet tries his hardest to keep his dignity whilst fighting hard against what can only be described as an Evil affliction in PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy). It breaks my heart to see my Amy fight back the tears every time we drive away from him. She handles herself so well, has the best of bedside manners and deserves better than to see her father in this state. Amy is my best friend and an inspiration that keeps me going and striving for better things for my family. Her desire and tenacity have shown through in her deciding to quit her job and self publish a line of children’s novels that she has wanted to write for over a decade. The second in the line of is out this month and the brand seems certain to go from strength t strength thanks to Amy’s drive and determination.

If you can find some time, please take a minute to look at one of the following pages and see that the fact that my 5 pints tomorrow will cost me an extra 25p, isn’t really a problem.

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