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And I’ve still no idea what to do with it!!

I’m thinking of using this site to share my love for my ancestral home – Cornwall. I was born and bred in Devon, as was my father and his parents before him. My mother was born into a West Yorkshire family.

In truth there are a few generations between me and any Cornish ancestors, however I feel such a pull to the place that it makes the county feel very much like home. I now understand third generation immigrants wanting to sing the praises of their home nations – whether it be Ireland, Pakistan or the Caribbean.

This is why I’ve changed the header you see at the top of this page.

Amy and I spent a week in Cornwall before Easter, in mediocre weather and you can see from the photos below what a stunning place it is. If the sun had been shining, I’m pretty sure I’d be typing this from a hut on Tolcarne Beach, not in a hotel away from home in Leyland – proudly the home of the truck!!

I’d be interested in anyone’s thoughts on what do do with my “Very best of Cornwall” website. I was thinking a guide to finding the best Pasties in the land!?

You’ll still note I’m a huge gadget fan – all the below pictures were taken with a Nokia N8 smartphone – pretty good for a phone, huh?!

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