How Time Heals……

When I started this blog I was 30, a freelance Trainer and didn’t have a great amount of direction in my life.

In September 2011 I blogged about a second miscarriage and the world seemed a bleak and lonely place. Despite me saying there was light of the end of the tunnel back then, I must confess it was hard to see at the time.

It’s the last days of 2012 now. I’m still married to my beautiful wife we now have an 11 week old son, Finley David Trevaskus. I’m Nokia’s Training Manager and for once, finally, things are going well. Work is always surprising and hard work. Being a father is unsurprising but much harder work and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Take a look at these and try and tell me he’s not the greatest!!


_DSC0655 bw

_DSC0657 bw

_DSC0660 bw

WP_20121024 7

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