The First Day Of…..Well, Nothing Yet!!

The first working day in my new world and a very non-eventful one! I didn’t really know what to do with myself and started the day by enjoying something that had evaded me for many months – feeding my baby boy!


I also got a chance to watch my amazing friend and former colleague Maddy Moss in her ITV presenting debut ( What a professional and so natural on camera.

I then set about finding work, but it seems that it was looking for me today. Firstly a friend made me aware that a role was opening with a mobile phone manufacturer. Something I would definitely not have considered a couple of months ago due to loyalty to Nokia however it’s a new world and opportunities should not be overlooked.

Two other freelance training contracts appeared in my mail and text inbox without me even searching for them! I like the idea of freelance work outside of mobile phones. Every day different and broadening my horizons along the way. If only the work was consistent and guaranteed.

Tomorrow, the biggest challenge of all awaits…..


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