Tablets. Small Computer? Big Smartphone? What’s the point!

Old habits die hard. So when I see an article about a leaked, non-existent, code-named Nokia product I can do nothing but read. And smile a little, knowing what I know. And what they do not!

Tom Warren and The Verge are regular feeds on my social networks, and for good reason too. This specific article got me thinking about Windows tablets in general, and wondering whether they would have what it takes to take on the iPad and Android dominated tablet market.

Before figuring out which one we would prefer to own, I think we should all take a step back and think about exactly what we’re going to use these things for.

When Steve Jobs stood up and announced the first iPad he stated the “Era of the Netbook is over” (or words to that effect) and the first accessory that was lined up for it was a keyboard, basically transforming it into a netbook. Is the iPad a viable replacement for a productive laptop? No. Not in my opinion. It’s great for consuming things, browsing the web, reading email etc but for all round productivity I really do not see it working for professional life. I have an iPad and I use it as a notepad and for browsing the web at home. I’ve tried using it for work, accessing documents, sharefile and even blogging but it’s basically a big iPhone. And I use the Kindle app since I left my actual Kindle on a plane bound for Mumbai!

It is not, I repeat NOT for use in public as a camera!! Not only do you look a bit of a bell end, it’s a genuinely awful picture taking machine. Shocking image quality.

And this guy using a MacBook to rest his iPad? Holy shit! iPad Fail

What about Android? The most popular OS for mobile devices in the world MUST have an edge over the iPad? Well, you’d think. However, like the iPad which runs the operating system of it’s Phone relative iOS, not the Mac OS, Android tablets are basically big smartphones. They use the same OS and largely exactly the same apps because the number of apps that are specifically made for the tablet is very low. Also, in my opinion, Samsung are the only people currently capable of designing something as aesthetically pleasing as the iPad.

One advantage of being a big smartphone is that you can actually use lots of Android tablets to make and receive regular phone calls. And I think you’ll agree, this fella doesn’t at all look a complete twatwaffle using his as a phone. Android Tab Twat

The we come to Windows. Windows tablets are different because they aren’t large clones of their phone cousins (which can be a negative from a developer’s point of view) they are stand alone devices that look and feel very PC-like, even the Windows RT versions, and they make me think – you know what, with this I could leave the laptop at home and just use my Windows Tablet. I can plug in a USB mouse and enjoy as good if not better web browsing than I can on my iPad. And I can be productive. I can manage my Office documents properly and send them to be opened by PCs, Macs and Laptops without worrying about formatting.

For me, it has to be a Windows based tablet because I want a tablet to be a small computer, not a big smartphone. Apple and Android smartphones have their strengths, and many of them, and their big screened partners in the tablet world would present a compelling argument for people wanting to browse the web, do a little bit of social networking and playing the odd game of Wordfeud. But if you want to do more, you want to genuinely replace your PC and at the same time stand out far from the Padding crowd….take a look at what Microsoft (and maybe even Nokia one day, looking at this link) have in store for you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Whoever you are, whatever is your choice and whatever you use it for….. be grateful you don’t look like this fella filming a concert with a friggin laptop!! MacBook as Camera

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