About Me

I’m Dave. 34 and happy.


In April 2009 I married the most beautiful woman on the planet, and in October 2012 our family gained a new member with the birth of our son.

Now, August 2013 and my world is turned upside down – the job I have performed with heart and soul for so many years is no longer mine. Working for Nokia brought me so much experience, so many friends and completely changed the professional Dave Trevaskus. I want to use this site to share my thoughts on the wider world outside mobile phones, but will also comment quite freely and openly on my former profession too.

I’m a Trainer first and foremost, and mobile specialist second. My experience and qualities are for engaging, educating and facilitating no matter what the subject matter.

If I’m not online here or on Twitter (@davetrevaskus) then you’ll probably find me riding my bike around Bristol and northern Somerset.

I’m married to Amy Trevaskus, author of the Ping & Pong series of books, she is an inspiration to me, she is the mother of my son, Finley David and she is the most courageous human being I have known.

Besides my family, cycling is my passion. I rode 700km from Edinburgh to Yatton in March 2013. Keep checking back here for more info on that little hobby.

Anything else you want to know, just give me a shout! Enjoy the pages…….

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