Personal Statement

We’re not all lucky enough to find a job that we genuinely love. Each day getting up excited about the day ahead. Training does that for me. I love that no two days are the same, people are different, so coaching and developing them gives me an enormous sense of a job well done.

I have worked in Training for over four years, becoming Nokia Academy Manager in 2012. I live in North Somerset with my wife Amy and one year old son, Finley.

I have over 14 years’ experience in sales & account management ranging across telecoms, IT, finance and advertising & marketing. Leaving Nokia through redundancy, I am bringing my extensive experience to a freelance training role and am open to working with new clients immediately.

Beginning training in 2009, my first role was delivering knowledge on new products in a call centre for O2. This is a fast paced environment and time with delegates is limited to a few minutes at a time. I quickly learned on my feet, developing an ability to get across salient selling messages in an engaging and educational way. I discovered almost immediately that this was a job I could do, I could do it well and more importantly I loved it!

Over the next few months I worked through an agency on behalf of Tesco, Apple, O2 and Carphone Warehouse before returning to the Nokia Academy as Senior Training Consultant in 2010. I took ownership of all the training delivered by Nokia to Orange and T-Mobile (now known as Everything Everywhere) showing an increase in sales and advocacy of Nokia smartphones within their sales channels, leading me to the position of Nokia Academy Manager in 2012.

It has been an honour to represent a human brand like Nokia, even when their products are no longer leading the industry sales charts, and to create and deliver training on their behalf in the UK, Finland and around the world has been a great experience for me.

Key areas of expertise

• Retail solution sales training
• Short and quick buzz sessions – knowledge & skill based
• Call centre development, outbound & inbound sales coaching
• Customer Service skills
• Induction training
• Training design
• Training needs analysis
• Presentation skills
• 1-2-1 coaching
• Train the Trainer
• Key Account Management
• Team development & personal development plans

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