“I managed Dave and worked alongside him during his time as the Nokia Master Trainer. I have always found him to be detail oriented, conscientious and always brings the noise in every single one of his training interactions. Dave is always the one to engage his delegates, and brings an unflagging energy to what could be dry material in other peoples hands. Coming from outside the technology arena, when I first met Dave he impressed me with the application of his commercial perspective to on going projects and his ability to cut through the static to bring key messages to life. He is now widely considered by many, and certainly by me to be an absolute authority in the field of technology and mobile device training. I would recommend his work, and would happily work with him again.” Commercial Product Manager at Nine Group and former Head of Product Marketing at Nokia

“Dave is an energetic Trainer and Facilitator who understands how to engage his participants. Dave understands the importance of experiential learning and the need to make his learning interventions fun whilst at all times achieving the learning objective.” Global Head of Sales Readiness at Nokia

“Dave’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious. He is aways keen to ensure that the people he works with get a great experience and of course walk away ready to take action” Founder of Infinite Pie Ltd

“Dave has a strong grasp of all things technical as you might expect, but what sets him apart is his ability to convey that expertise in an engaging and meaningful way whether in 1:1 conversations, small groups, or indeed on stage in front of a large audience. This is due, in no small part, to the strength of his personality but also his easy and relaxed manner. A top man.” Head of Customer Marketing at Nokia

“As a Trainer, Dave shows patience, insight and an ability to train large groups with differing learning styles. He is also outstanding at creating content whether it be an in-depth presentation or on page hand out and always manages to get the relevant content across in short concise messaging. Working with Dave is also a wonderful experience, he bring laughter when needed but also a level of seriousness if the situation calls for it. He would be an asset to any business.” Senior Training Consultant at Nokia

“Dave was a passionate and dedicated member of my team. He was very hard working and would always go above and beyond to support both myself and his colleagues. Dave has a great sense of humour and spirit in which he applies to his role, he shows empathy and honesty in his work and this, in turn, endears him to others.” Former Training Manager at Nokia

“I’ve worked with Dave on numerous projects. He has great presence in the training room and a phenomenal depth of knowledge and hunger for learning. He is incredibly versatile and “can do” in his approach. I have yet to see him phased.” Experienced Trainer- Influence, Coaching and Sales through Service

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